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    Our final image

    Photoshop Action: cross-process your images for stylised portraits

    | Tutorials | 20/04/2013 08:00am

    Create a Photoshop Action to create stylised portraits using the cross-processing technique.

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    Our final image

    Create a glowing lightsaber using Photoshop Colour Balance

    | Tutorials | 19/04/2013 13:00pm

    Feel the Force by mastering Photoshop’s colour balance!

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    Our final image

    Photoshop CS6: Create a dashed line effect in 4 quick steps

    | Tutorials | 17/04/2013 08:00am

    Using Photoshop CS6’s new Stroke tool, we show you how to create cut-out lines around a selection in four very quick steps.

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    Photoshop tricks: Create a quirky upside down portrait

    | Tutorials | 15/04/2013 07:00am

    By using Layers and Photoshop’s Transform tool, we show you how you can easily flip any face upside down.

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    Create an infrared image in 6 simple steps

    | Tutorials | 09/04/2013 11:25am

    Capturing infrared images in-camera can be a real hassle. If you want to produce the same result, but without all the fuss, follow these 6 simple steps to create an infrared image in Photoshop

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    Create studio-style shots with a reflective surface using simple Photoshop tricks

    | Tutorials | 04/04/2013 12:10pm

    Discover how you can reproduce studio-style car shots without a garage-sized shooting space in six steps using simple Photoshop tricks.

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    Create a geometric abstract portrait

    | Tutorials | 29/03/2013 08:00am

    Geometric shapes and repeating patterns are key to many forms of modern art, with lines and shades carefully positioned to capture the eye and draw people in. Here, we’ll take this concept and apply it to giving a straightforward black and white portrait an unusual twist.

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    Photoshop Pen Tool: how to remove distractions in your images

    | Uncategorized | 13/03/2013 12:12pm

    Photoshop’s Pen Tool is useful and versatile, and handy to get to know. It can be used to draw custom shapes,  make selections, and it can also help with your photo fixing. To remove the ropes in the image above, you could spray the Spot Healing Brush over them. But for more accuracy, you would use [...]

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    Ice Cream Planets after image

    Photoshop Brushes: Get creative by creating your own Photoshop brush

    | Tutorials | 09/03/2013 09:00am

    There’s nothing quite like playing with your food, especially where Photoshop is concerned! As long as you have creativity, the sky’s the limit… Actually, it’s not! We decided to go further and took our image idea into outer-space to create our very own planetary system from a few scoops of ice cream. We created our [...]

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    Our after image

    Create a high-speed shot in Photoshop

    | Tutorials | 01/03/2013 14:00pm

    Capturing falling objects by high-speed photography can make for impressive images. However the techniques can yield hit and miss results, with sharp focus and good composition difficult to achieve. Fortunately, there’s always Photoshop…

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