A Brush with Creativity | Practical Photoshop

    | Tutorials | 23/06/2011 14:11pm

    Our technique editor James Paterson shows how to get to grips with one of the most powerful tools in your creative arsenal — the Brush tool. Click here to Watch & Learn

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    Digital Grids: make an image out of letters and numbers

    | Tutorials | 17/10/2012 10:04am

    Creating images as digital grids is more complex than just overlaying some numbers – but the results can be impressive. FInd out how it’s done in our latest tutorial.

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    In pictures: Photoshop art from Phil McKay

    | Showcase | 21/02/2012 16:38pm

    8 pictures of Photoshop art by Phil McKay.

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    How to crop photos correctly in any version of Photoshop

    | Tutorials | 30/12/2012 08:25am

    Photographing small subjects often requires cropping photos later on the computer. Our latest Photoshop tutorial shows you how to expand your smaller subjects and enlarge subjects the safe way – at printable sizes – in any version of Photoshop CS or Elements.

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    X Ray Effects in Photoshop | Practical Photoshop

    | Downloads, Tutorials | 07/10/2011 11:54am

    Have fun and learn how to make a fake X-ray image. Click here to Watch & Learn

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    Photoshop Tricks: how to get the HDR effect from one image

    | Tutorials | 16/08/2012 03:00am

    When you’re faced with a subject that has a high dynamic range – that is, one that has high contrast, with both very bright highlights and very dark shadows – one technique you can use to capture the full tonal range is high dynamic range imaging. But as you will see in our Photoshop tutorial below, there is a simple way to get an HDR effect from just one picture.

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    How to shoot and edit stock photos that sell

    | Tutorials | 11/03/2013 16:48pm

    Tired of your stock photography endeavours going to waste? Start making some money from your photography; use these stock photography tips to start setting up your shoots and editing photos in a more commercially minded way.

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    How to make Photoshop X-ray effects

    | Tutorials | 10/08/2012 06:00am

    X-ray photography can be much more than a security measure or a way for doctors and dentists to see inside us. Some photographers and radiographers have used the equipment and film to make X-rays to create striking and vibrant studies of flowers and other similar subjects. While the results can be spectacular, most of us don’t have an X-ray machine tucked away in the back of the cupboard, so in this tutorial we’re going to take a look at creating a Photoshop X-ray effect.

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    6 traditional darkroom techniques you can recreate with Photoshop toning

    | Tutorials | 26/06/2012 10:30am

    Do you miss the days of the wet darkroom? Or rather, do you not miss that awful smell of chemicals but you long for some of effects you could create using your old traditional darkroom techniques? Here are six Photoshop effects based on traditional darkroom processes you can use to make retro-styled images

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    Create a snowflake from a lobster!

    | Tutorials | 24/12/2012 08:00am

    By using Photoshop’s Step and repeat command, you’ll find it easy to create a wintry symmetrical pattern from the most unlikeliest of sources!

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