Photoshop Pen Tool: how to remove distractions in your images

    Photoshop Pen Tool: how to remove distractions in your images

    Photoshop’s Pen Tool is useful and versatile, and handy to get to know. It can be used to draw custom shapes,  make selections, and it can also help with your photo fixing.

    To remove the ropes in the image above, you could spray the Spot Healing Brush over them. But for more accuracy, you would use the Pen tool to create paths that follow the cables’ curves and then stroke the Healing Brush along the path, as we’ll demonstrate in our step-by-step walkthrough below.

    Our before image

    How to use the Photoshop Path tool to remove distractions in your images

    01 Apply Spot Healing

    Open our ‘before image’ in Photoshop and grab the Spot Healing Brush tool. Set it to a size of 20. Tick the Content-Aware option. When you spray over the unwanted ropes it can be a challenge to cover the rope accurately. Bits of rope may remain.

    02 Draw a Path

    Choose Edit>Undo Spot Healing Brush. Grab the Pen tool. Click to place four or five anchor points along the rope. Grab the Direct Selection tool to place the points in the middle of the rope. Use the Convert Point tool to curve the path between the points.

    03 Stroke the Path

    Right-click the path and choose Stroke Path. Set Tool to Spot Healing Brush in the pop-up dialog box and click OK. The tool will follow the more accurate curved path and do a better job of removing the rope. Tidy up the remaining traces of rope by manually dabbing the Spot Healing Brush on them.

    Our after image

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