Photoshop Brushes: Get creative by creating your own Photoshop brush

    Photoshop Brushes: Get creative by creating your own Photoshop brush

    There’s nothing quite like playing with your food, especially where Photoshop is concerned! As long as you have creativity, the sky’s the limit… Actually, it’s not! We decided to go further and took our image idea into outer-space to create our very own planetary system from a few scoops of ice cream.

    Ice Cream Planets after image

    We created our ice cream solar system using a combination of selections, masks and Adjustment Layers. And any big planet needs its own rings of cosmic dust, or in this case, sprinkles! We’ll show you how to do this by creating your own brush, and using brush dynamics and paths to create your own planetary ring.

    Our starting images

    Our starting images

    To begin, we took three pictures of ice cream scoops, which we placed on top of straws. We shot them on a plain background as this will make them easier to cut out in Photoshop.

    How to create your ice cream planet solar system

    01 Cut Out the Ice Cream

    Open your three ice cream shots and boost the Clarity and Vibrance in ACR before opening them in Photoshop. Use the Quick Selection tool to select a scoop, then click Refine Edge, select a Smart Radius of 3px and click OK. Repeat with the other two images. Press Cmd/Ctrl+A to copy one of the ice cream images.

    02 Add the Background

    Create a new document. Select two dark blues for the foreground and background colour swatches, and use the Gradient tool to create the background. Float all the windows and drag the ice cream layers into the new document. Duplicate the planets and adjust their sizes and colours to create some variety.

    03 Create the Stars

    Click the Background layer and create a new blank layer. Select a small hard-edged white brush and dab on some stars. Select a slightly larger soft-edged brush with a tint of yellow and reduced Opacity, then use the brush over a few of the existing stars to create a glow.

    04 Create a Brush

    Create a new document, and with a large black brush draw the shape of a sprinkle, then Select Edit>Define Brush Preset. Select the brush you’ve created. In the Options Bar at the top, click the Brush Panel icon and switch on Shape Dynamics, Scattering, Color Dynamics and Smoothing.

    05 Use Brush Dynamics

    Select two bright colours in the swatches and set Shape Dynamics to 90, 0, 49, 0; Scattering to 420, 5, 4; and Color Dynamics to 100, 100, 100, 35, 78 with Pen Pressure, Both Axis and Control Off ticked for each section where available.

    06 Create a Path

    Select the Paths tool and draw a ring around one of the scoops. Make sure the brush size is relatively small, select the Paths tool, right click the Path and select Stroke Path. Select Pen Pressure and click OK. Add a mask to remove any unwanted overlay of the ring.

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