Snapshot Profile: Evelyn Paula Gibson

    Snapshot Profile: Evelyn Paula Gibson

    In the first of a new series, we introduce photographers and Photoshop artists who have caught the eye of the Practical Photoshop team. We start with Evelyn Paula Gibson

    1) What’s your name and where are you from?
    Evelyn Paula Gibson, aged 22, from Newcastle upon Tyne. My online Flickr name is EvelynnPaula.

    2) How did you get into photography and Photoshop?
    I’ve always had an interest in photography since I was a kid. I always felt the need to have a camera on me, even just to go to school. The thought of being able to capture happy, exciting moments just amazed me! I got into Photoshop after seeing some manipulated images on the internet and they just stuck with me. At this time I hadn’t heard of Photoshop and I hadn’t a clue how the image was created but it was my mission to figure it out.

    3) Who are your main influences as an image-maker?
    I think I get more influence from painters rather than photographers, but apart from that it’s more just daily life and different emotions that a normal situation can bring -  being able to see everyday situations from a different perspective.

    4) What inspires you to create images?
    There are many things that inspire me to create an image, but like I said, it’s about being able to see the world from a different perspective and once I’ve had an idea, the thought of being able to create something bizarre from the mundane is a challenge and is all the inspiration I need.

    5) What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt since you started using Photoshop?
    To keep on learning and to try new things because it’s only the imagination that’s the limit.

    6) How has your work changed over the years?
    Looking back on my first images, they were pretty awful! But I was only starting to learn. All my Photoshop work is self-taught and I have managed to develop a lot of skills just through online tutorials and experimenting with different ideas. I will always be keen to learn new techniques as I will always be able to pick faults with my own work.

    7) Do you have a top tip for our readers?
    Experiment! Because when I first came across image manipulation, I never knew it was possible for me to be able to achieve what I have! I was completely clueless. Good things don’t come to those who wait, they come to those who work hard and don’t give up!

    8) Do you have a website where we can find the rest of your work? and hopefully soon


    Portfolio images

    Multiple Personalities
    This image was actually shot in my local launderette. This was my very first attempt at a multiple composite from last year. To shoot this, I only used a tripod and a flashgun. It’s made up of a total of eight different images and more than 20 different layers.


    This was my first attempt at a levitation shot from last year. It was actually shot in the same location as the TV Head image which is my third portfolio selection here.  The whole composition is made up of a number of different Layer Masks and clipping paths, and I added some finishing touches with another Curves Adjustment Layer and a Black and White Adjustment Layer.

    TV Head
    This is a self-portrait that was shot in an old abandoned cabin near where I live as part of my portfolio as well as for a college project. The image is made up of three different photos. The background was shot empty, then I also shot myself and the television set in isolation. I used Layer Masks to highlight and darken different parts, a clipping path to cut out the TV and finished with a Curves Adjustment Layer and a Black and White Adjustment Layer with an Opacity setting of about 5%.

    I Hate Feeling Empty on the Inside
    This image was so much fun to create. The location is near where I live and is a popular dog walking spot so I did get some strange looks while shooting. However,  it was worth it as this is probably one of my favourite self portraits. The lighting used for this was one flash light to the right with a soft box attachment and obviously using a travel pack and a tripod. The image is made up from around nine different images, all taken in the same place.
    Like Dog, Like Owner
    This image is made up from two completely different shoots both with totally different lighting… not something I had really done before. The image of the dog’s head was from a pet portrait session, which gave me the idea of shooting a series of images with the title ‘Like dog, Like owner’. This image proved to be the most popular.

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