Gallery: Photoshop Art From Marie Wengler

    Gallery: Photoshop Art From Marie Wengler

    With meaning behind Marie Wengler’s work she creates visually captivating pieces of art. Her use of Photoshop includes blend modes and brush work. Her composites are just stunning.

    “I have worked with, and been interested in, both art and photography since a young age. Over the years it has become increasingly obvious that I should focus on creating photographic art for myself. I have explored and developed various artistic ways to express myself during this time, and my experimental approach to photography has resulted in widely varying themes. I’m 20 years old and completely self-taught in terms of both photographic and digital manipulation techniques. After being contacted by a large and well-respected gallery in Copenhagen, I have now undertaken my first solo exhibition. My career as a fine art photographer has therefore only just begun.” – Marie Wengler

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