Gallery: Photoshop Art From Dan Busta

    Gallery: Photoshop Art From Dan Busta

    Check out Dan’s amazing Photoshop creations, his images are both creative and emotional. A great use of colour, composition and space!

    “I’m fascinated by the human ability to create an environment based out of necessity. People are all creators and the way we build and create space is amazing to me. I love to discover these people’s environments so much so that I like to build them for characters I make up myself. All of my images are motivated by some sort of story, painting, movie or memory that won’t leave me. There are certain things in life that are unforgettable. These memories might be good or bad, but mostly they  are the oddities, the unpredictable, seeing something and questioning why or what if? They are the things totally out of place, the unexpected.” – Dan Busta

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