CS6′s Match Edges Filter gives you effortless Photoshop montage effects

    CS6′s Match Edges Filter gives you effortless Photoshop montage effects

    The new Match Edges Filter in Photoshop CS6 (available as a download from Adobe Labs here) can make it very easy to combine images for creative compostes. Here’s how to use Match Edges to blend images in seconds.


    First download the new Match Edges and Interpolate filters from Adobe Labs here, then double-click the downloaded file to open the Adobe Extension Manager, which will automatically install the new filters. Restart Photoshop and both ‘Match Edges’ and ‘Interpolate’ will appear under the Filter Menu. Interpolate takes the fills transparent areas on a layer with a smooth mix of all the colours. Match Edges attempts to match the edges of the selected layer with those of the layer below.

    For this quick tutorial you’ll need a base image like our apple here, and a blend image, like the face. Alternatively, download the start images here.


    Step 1: Grab the Lasso tool and make a rough selection around the face, then hit Cmd/Ctrl+C to copy it.


    Step 2: Switch to the base image and hit Cmd/Ctrl+V to copy in the face. Grab the Move tool and position the face over the apple. If you need to change the size, hit Cmd/Ctrl+T to transform the face, adjust the bounding box then hit Enter to apply.


    Step 3: Go to Filter>Match Edges and you’re done. Blended colours and shapes in seconds!


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