How to use the Photoshop Gradient Editor

    How to use the Photoshop Gradient Editor

    Photoshop’s intuitive Gradient Editor makes it really simple to add a map of colour to your images. Here we explain some of the options at your disposal.

    How to use the Photoshop Gradient Editor

    01 Properties
    A Gradient Map can be added as an Adjustment Layer. Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Gradient Map. On the Properties popup, click on the gradient. Pick a tone and it will be mapped to your image. Now try different Blend Modes for your layer – Color is a good starting point.

    Photoshop Gradient Editor explained

    02 Gradient Type

    There are two types of gradient available in this dropdown menu – Solid and Noise. The former creates a gradual blend between the hues, while the latter offers a series of random colour bands. It’s worth experimenting, but the Solid option usually gives the best results.

    03 Color Stops
    You can add as many Color Stops as you like by clicking on the gradient scale. Click the square icon and specify a hue from the Color Picker (Stop Color). Take time to look at the presets to see what works well in a tone transition. Once you’ve found a good combination, name it and save it to your library.

    Photoshop Gradient Editor explained

    04 Use presets

    There are a number of preset gradients that you can select from the flyout menu. Many of them look quite ugly to begin with but offer a good starting point. The new Photographic Toning presets in CS6 are great. You can also make your own gradients, or download pre-made ones and add them to your library.

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