Create a gritty portrait in Photoshop using Dodge and Burn

    Create a gritty portrait in Photoshop using Dodge and Burn

    Practical Photoshop gritty portrait tutorial |

    01 Add Fill layer

    Open the image above, ‘Fisherman_before.jpg’, in Photoshop. Click the Create new layer icon at the bottom of the Layers panel. Now double-click on the layer name and change it to Dodge Burn. Go to Edit > Fill then select 50% Grey from the Use: Drop-down menu. Hit OK.

    Photoshop Gritty Portrait Tutorial |

    2 Change Blend Mode

    Go to the top of the Layers panel and change the Blend Mode of the Dodge Burn layer to Overlay. The Overlay Blend Mode multiplies the darker areas on the layer below and screens the lighter areas. As we’ve used a neutral 50% Grey, the layer will now appear transparent.

    Create a gritty portrait | Photoshop tutorial |

    3 Select Dodge Tool

    Now we can paint on the Dodge Burn layer and get the same results as if we were painting on the background. However, any alterations are now non-destructive. Select the Dodge tool from the Tools Panel then go to the Options bar and set Range to Highlights, Exposure to 10%.

    Create a gritty portrait | Photoshop tutorial |

    4 Dodge and Burn

    Paint with the Dodge tool to lighten areas such as the cheeks, eyes and tops of ridges in the face. Build up your strokes gradually. Switch to the Burn tool (Shift+0 will flick between then) and set Range to Shadows then paint in the darker areas to accentuate the lines of the face.

    Create a gritty portrait | Photoshop tutorial |

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