In pictures: Our favourite Photoshop art from issue 13

    In pictures: Our favourite Photoshop art from issue 13

    Below are three of our favourite Photoshop images we featured in issue 13.

    The WhaleErik Almas

    This is part of a series of pictures shot for 7×7 magazine about supermodel Maggie Rizer’s relocation to San Francisco. As a photographer, I’m drawn to myths and old stories and chose the archetypal flying whale as Maggie’s vehicle of travel. This picture was crafted by compositing five elements together. The background and sky were done photographically and the cart and whale were created using CGI. Lastly, Maggie was photographed in the studio. These elements were blended together in Photoshop then finished using Curves, saturation tweaks and the Color Fill tool. The CGI elements were done by Michael Tompert at RayGun studios using Maya and Cinema 4D software.”

    SunshineAlisdair Miller

    “This is my younger daughter photographed against a bright sky here in Dubai. I also shot the flowers separately in the UK and merged the two images together using Photoshop. I then shot old textured cardboard and overlaid it using various Blend Modes. The final colour grading was done using Tiffen DFX filters.”

    DancingPatrizia Burra

    “I am a painter and professional photographer, specialising in digital art. For Dancing, I took two shots and merged them together. For the initial portrait itself, I added a Curves Adjustment Layer and some texture layers with a Soft Light Blend Mode. Finally, I merged the layers and duplicated the Background Layer, reduced its saturation, and also changed the Blend Mode to Soft Light.”

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