Photoshop CS6 to feature Content-Aware Age Tool

    Photoshop CS6 to feature Content-Aware Age Tool

    Photoshop CS6 to feature Content-Aware Age Tool

    Photoshop CS6 will feature a new Content-Aware Age Tool that can instantly make people in photos look younger or older, according to leaked images discovered by Practical Photoshop.

    Photoshop CS6, which is currently a beta version available to the public, made headlines months ago when one of Adobe’s ‘sneak peeks’ at the software revealed a new Content-Aware Move Tool that allows users to shift elements of a photo around the frame.

    It is believed the newly discovered Content-Aware Age Tool will let users dramatically increase or decrease the age of a person captured in a photograph.

    Photoshop CS6 to feature Content-Aware Age Tool

    Leaked screen grabs of the Content-Aware age tool in use show a sliding scale ranging from baby up to elderly. It is not known if the Photoshop CS6 age tool will only age skin, as seen in the screen grab above, or if it will also, for instance, remove age-related body features such as facial hair and breasts as you drag the slider down to the ‘baby’ end of the scale.

    “I would think Adobe will have to address this issue before the full release of CS6,” said Practical Photoshop Editor Ben Brain.

    Ben added he cannot reveal how he came across the screen grab of the as-yet unannounced Content-Aware age tool, but hinted there could be further surprises in store from Adobe.

    “I’ve not seen it, but I hear Adobe is already developing what they call a Clooning Stamp for Photoshop CS7,” he said. “Simply click the Clooning stamp over a person’s face, drag the Smugness Opacity slider to your desired level and it will make the person look more like George Clooney.”

    It is believed Adobe is developing a female version of the Clooning Stamp called the Helen Brush Tool, based off a circa-1970s Helen Mirren.

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