Drawn of the Dead: turn your portraits into zombie photos

    Drawn of the Dead: turn your portraits into zombie photos

    Turn your portraits into zombie photos using these quick steps

    When it comes to invading popular culture, it seems that zombies will never die. Although the movie genre dates back to White Zombie in 1932, it was George Romero’s 1968 low-budget offering Night of the Living Dead that gave the genre the extra dose of blood and guts that it required to spawn the future hordes of zombie movies, computer games and even TV shows like The Walking Dead.

    In the 1970s, low-budget zombies could be created by painting the extras a ghoulish green – see the 1978 version of Dawn of the Dead for example. Bigger budget productions adorned their zombie actors with more complex prosthetic make-up, so that peeling skin would reveal the bones below. In The Walking Dead, prosthetic make-up is augmented with digital elements, so that zombies can lose body parts without using amputee actors.

    Thanks to Photoshop’s editing tools, we can now ‘zombify’ friends and family and turn our portraits into stunning zombie photos without the need for expensive prosthetics – and our subject won’t have to spend hours in a chair while make-up is applied.

    In the video below we’ll show you how to use Photoshop’s pixel-warping Liquify tool to make a healthy subject look decidedly disgusting, and demonstrate how to burn in shadows to emphasise the contours of the subject’s skull.

    We’ll also show you how to composite a shot of cracked plaster onto your model’s face, then blend and mask that layer’s colours to evoke the gruesome e ect of torn and peeling skin. You’ll augment this torn skin effect by applying brush strokes to a Layer Mask to reveal rotting teeth from a skull shot on a separate layer. You will also learn how to generate the dramatic dripping blood backdrop in our image from scratch using the fiendish Fibers filter. There are plenty of other creative compositing techniques to get your teeth into, too.

    If you’ve been inspired by this video to make your own zombie photos, why not post them to our Facebook page or in our Forum?

    Now bring on the brains!

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