New Photoshop CS6 upgrade policy: Adobe changes its mind…

    New Photoshop CS6 upgrade policy: Adobe changes its mind…

    To the chagrin of some Photoshop users, Adobe has announced a new introductory Photoshop CS6 upgrade offer for those who want to move up to the as-yet unreleased software from CS3 and CS4.

    We previously reported back in November about Adobe’s announcement that the Photoshop CS6 upgrade discount would only be available to CS5 users. If you were using an earlier version of CS, the only way to upgrade to CS6 would be through a subscription.

    The new scheme means that if you’re using CS3 or CS4 when CS6 is released, you can still get the upgrade discount throughout 2012. There’s no need to purchase CS5 first.

    Why is this apparently good news to the chagrin of some Photoshop users? Because they’d upgraded to CS5.5 when the original, restrictive policy was announced. Comments left on  the blog of John Nack, Principal Product Manager at Adobe, reflect this frustration. ‘Albert K’ says: “What will Adobe do to minimize the financial hit on those of us who, in good faith, have upgraded to CS5 merely to preserve our upgrade eligibility? You guys opened this can of worms, and it’s only fair that you get all of the critters back in the can before you close the lid.”

    ‘Marco’ also comments: “While my financial position wasn’t that good, I was saving money to upgrade to CS6, because I love Photoshop and hate to pirate it. So I wanted a new version, but as late as possible. Now I’m paying twice (if I do upgrade to CS6 – after a lot of saving again…)”

    John Nack has updated his blog to point users who have recently purchased CS5.5 towards the customer service department (presumably to talk some sort of refund).

    Let us know what you think…

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