How do you use text in your Photoshop creations? | Practical Photoshop

    How do you use text in your Photoshop creations? | Practical Photoshop

    With many Photoshop projects, you’ll find that you won’t use text at all. Other times, you might use it to add captions, or to create a greetings card or some other project that would traditionally include type.

    It’s important to use the right font to show off your personality and style, and these creative digital artists have gone one step further, creating art purely from text.

    The pictures mainly show faces, which have been constructed using letters and numbers, but one particularly poignant example shows a gun, which has been constructed out of anti-war sentiments.

    Others show celebrities, such as Morgan Freeman, composed of film titles, lines from his films and other words associated with the actor to form a black and white likeness of the man.

    While a few examples of this kind of art haven’t been created in Photoshop, one is made from magazine cuttings, the pieces certainly provide fantastic inspiration for your next Photoshop project.

    So how do you use text? Is it an integral part of your work process, or do you never use it? Let us know in the comments box below.

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