The evolution of Photoshop | Practical Photoshop

    The evolution of Photoshop | Practical Photoshop

    We’re suckers for a good infographic. In case you don’t know what one is, put simply, it’s a graphic containing information on a given subject.

    This one, which has been created by The Photoshop Lady, charts the history of Photoshop from its inception in 1990 to the present day, as well as throwing in some interesting trivia along the way.

    If, like us, you go a little week at the geek knees when you see a lovely graphic intertwined with our favourite programme, then you’ll love exploring the graphic.

    You can probably also use the trivia to entertain (or bore) your mates, next time you take a trip down the pub. For instance, did you know that 10 million people use Photoshop, and over 90% of creative professionals use it?

    Head on over to the Photoshop Lady to check out the full infographic for yourself, and let us know what your favourite piece of Photoshop trivia is.

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