How Adobe draws inspiration from Photoshop users | Practical Photoshop

    How Adobe draws inspiration from Photoshop users | Practical Photoshop

    If you’ve ever wondered where Adobe gets some of the ideas for Photoshop tools and actions from, then look no further than yourself. For, according to a recent interview with the blog, Adobe uses the opinions of real Photoshop users, digital artists, graphic designers and more to help shape the future of its program.

    According to Zorana Gee, Photoshop’s product manager, Adobe regularly visits users of Photoshop, taking along the research and development team along with them to introduce new technology and gather feedback on how hey will be used.

    This helps, Zorana says, Photoshop engineers meet with customers and see first hand how features are used.

    A good example of this is the Mixer Brush, which was integrated into CS5. It was developed with the help of long-time Photoshop user and digital artists Bert Monroy. Adobe showed Bert the underlying technology behind the feature, with Bert giving feedback along the way until it was developed into the tool that is available today.

    Do you have a favourite Photoshop feature ? Or a feature that you think need improving? Let us know in the comments box below.

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