Are you a Comic Sans criminal? | Practical Photoshop

    Are you a Comic Sans criminal? | Practical Photoshop

    Make sure your fonts send out the right message, with the help of the CSC website.

    Choosing the font for a project is one of the ways you can stamp your personality onto a creative project. The font you choose can say lots about you, and you don’t want that message to be the wrong one.

    Comic Sans is the bugbear of many digital artists, for it is often used in the most inappropriate of places. Originally designed to imitate the style of comic book speech bubbles, it was quickly adopted for use with children thanks to its fun appearance. Since then however, it started to be abused by offices, hospitals, restaurants, supermarkets and pretty much anywhere serious information was being conveyed inappropriately by the jokey font.

    Nowadays, you’re most likely to draw a shudder from the creative world if you choose Comic Sans for a project, and a myriad of websites calling for its outright ban have sprung up.

    But there are undeniably situations where Comic Sans, or a font with a similar style, is useful. That is, where the intended audience is very young, when you want to go for a comic book style, or in some contexts, for use with dyslexics.

    On the Comic Sans Criminal website, they ask that you sign a pledge to ensure you never use the font inappropriately, and give you the option to pass on the message to fellow Comic Sans criminals, so next time you see it in action you can let them know.

    Fortunately, the site isn’t just about ritual humiliation. On it you’ll find alternative fonts you can download in the comic book style, those suitable for dyslexics, and if you want to go even further you can also buy the TypeDNA plugin tool for Photoshop CS5.

    Do you have a favourite font for your Photoshop projects? Perhaps there’s a font you despise. Let us know!

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