Showcase: Ronen Goldman | Practical Photoshop

    Showcase: Ronen Goldman | Practical Photoshop

    See more of the magical dreamscapes of Ronen Goldman, a Photoshop artist featured in this month’s Practical Photoshop.

    Israeli artist and conceptual photographer Ronen Goldman literally watches his own dreams come true in the setups for his photographs. Working on his Surrealistic Pillow Project for the past four years has seen him take his own dreams and convert them into fantastic images.

    One of Ronen’s photographs, The Magician, is featured in this month’s Practical Photoshop. Incredibly, a set of magically suspended playing cards in the air of the shot were held in place, rather than created by Photoshop trickery.

    His other shots see weird and wonderful happenings including a bedroom faced by an invading army of reptiles, levitation and some rather bizarre fruit-as-weather scenarios. All of them have to be seen to be (disbelieved).

    Ronen also shares a photo a day via his Facebook page, which is a good way to keep up to date with the latest photos from his projects. For more information on Ronen, and to see more incredible photographs, visit the Ronen Goldman website.

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