German Artist Creates Photoshop Lady-boy

    German Artist Creates Photoshop Lady-boy

    Ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought, you know what, I wish I had the head of a two-year-old? Come on, who hasn’t? Er… right?Paul Ripke, a professional photographer from Hambury, Germany, makes the dream a reality in this cute-but-unnerving portfolio of parents and their children. /

    Ripke has earned a reputation for supplying vibrant, creative shots for high-end advertising campaigns. Sports and landscapes are his main bag, but his portraits and fashion shots are equally as memorable.

    Swapping heads in Photoshop is nothing new of course – it’s one of the first creative/novelty things that many newcomers have a pop at. But these are great examples of the technique, all fine-quality blending and ‘angle matching’. And they’re bloody funny.

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    | News | 31/05/2011 11:32am
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