Adobe adresses photographers’ Creative Cloud subscription, file legacy concerns

    | News | 29/05/2013 14:27pm

    Adobe has issued a statement addressing photographers’ concerns about the Creative Cloud subscription-only model and the legacy of any work created in Photoshop CC, suggesting the company may soon offer a compromise.

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    Photoshop CC: 10 things every photographer should know

    | News | 07/05/2013 17:17pm

    Adobe quietly announced some major changes to its Photoshop platform yesterday, chief among them re-branding the software as Photoshop CC to reinforce its commitment to its Creative Cloud service (which has also been updated with 15 new apps)

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    Best monitor for photo editing: 4 models tested and rated

    | Reviews | 25/04/2013 07:00am

    What is the best monitor for photo editing? Colour-accurate monitors offer true-to-life reproduction of photographic images, but price and performance varies. We’ve tested four of the top models available to see which monitor is best for photographers.

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    Photoshop Action: cross-process your images for stylised portraits

    | Tutorials | 20/04/2013 08:00am

    Create a Photoshop Action to create stylised portraits using the cross-processing technique.

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    Create a glowing lightsaber using Photoshop Colour Balance

    | Tutorials | 19/04/2013 13:00pm

    Feel the Force by mastering Photoshop’s colour balance!

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    Photoshop CS6: Create a dashed line effect in 4 quick steps

    | Tutorials | 17/04/2013 08:00am

    Using Photoshop CS6’s new Stroke tool, we show you how to create cut-out lines around a selection in four very quick steps.

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    Adobe Lightroom 5: the 6 new features you need to know about

    | News | 16/04/2013 05:10am

    Ahead of the release of Adobe Lightroom 5, announced today, a beta version is now available to download from for free. Here’s a quick rundown of the best new features in Lightroom 5 and what Adobe says they can do for your images…

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    Photoshop tricks: Create a quirky upside down portrait

    | Tutorials | 15/04/2013 07:00am

    By using Layers and Photoshop’s Transform tool, we show you how you can easily flip any face upside down.

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    How to fake shallow depth of field using Photoshop filters and masks

    | Tutorials | 11/04/2013 09:00am

    In our latest photo editing tutorial we show you how to use a series of simple Photoshop effects to blur your background and create a shallow depth of field effect.

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    Create an infrared image in 6 simple steps

    | Tutorials | 09/04/2013 11:25am

    Capturing infrared images in-camera can be a real hassle. If you want to produce the same result, but without all the fuss, follow these 6 simple steps to create an infrared image in Photoshop

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